Gluten-free tropical papaya refrigerator cake sits on a wooden board at the back of the image. Two slices are sitting on places at the front of the board. At the back is a vintage enamel coffee pot awithnd cups and sauces.

A refrigerator or icebox cake is a dessert that is typically made by layering biscuits with whipped cream or custard, fruit and nuts and then chilling it in the refrigerator or "icebox" until the layers have melded together. The cookies soften as they absorb the moisture from the cream or custard, resulting in a cake-like texture that requires no baking.

This Tropical Papaya Refrigerator Cake layers plain gluten-free biscuits (we like to use gluten-free tea biscuits or arrowroots) with an extra creamy filling of cream cheese, cream and sweetened condensed milk and slices of fresh papaya and. . .

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