About Australian Gluten-Free Life

Welcome to Australian Gluten-Free Life and thank you for finding your way to our website.

Australian Gluten-Free Life is the first dedicated gluten-free publication to be available from newsagents and selected Coles supermarkets across Australia. Inside each issue you will find over 50 allergy-friendly, gluten and wheat-free recipes. Many of these are also dairy-free for those who are lactose intolerant. Plus health, beauty, nutrition and travel features written entirely for those who are following a gluten-free lifestyle. Our magazine is currently released bi-monthly.

Wander down the health-food aisle of any major supermarket and you can’t help but notice the rapid growth in the gluten-free category. Eight per cent of the products launched in 2013 used a gluten-free positioning according to Australian Food News. While it is fantastic that life is becoming easier, recent press that has presented the gluten-free diet as a fad is far from helpful.

For those with coeliac disease or a medically diagnosed gluten-sensitivity, following a strict gluten-free diet is a serious health matter, something some commentators seem to forget. For us, gluten-free is not a fad. In two weeks we won’t be reaching for the Wonder White.

If you do suspect that you may have coeliac disease we cannot emphasis enough the importance of being properly diagnosed before you eliminate gluten from your diet. Talk to your health care provider before introducing any changes to your diet.

Australian Gluten-Free Life is a magazine created to inspire and inform those on a gluten-free diet. We hope you enjoy the magazine and would love to hear your thoughts on the publication and your own experiences of a gluten-free life. Email us at hello@agfl.com.au

Issue Two is currently on-sale from newsagents nationally. To check your nearest retailer click here. If you’re local doesn’t appear to stock the magazine let them and us know (subs@agfl.com.au) so they can get it in for you.

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