A ceramic bowl is filled with gluten-free japanese chicken meatballs. The light blue bowl is resting on a bamboo place mat and wooden chopsticks rest on the side of the bowl. The meatballs have been sprinkled with seseame seeds.

My toddler refused to eat mince in any form, but would devour chicken meatballs at our favourite Japanese restaurant. He'd discard the shitake mushroom they were served in of course, but it was all the inspiration I needed to develop a gluten-free version the whole family could enjoy and home.

If you're also looking for a tasty, family-friendly meal, then these chicken meatballs, or tsukune, should be at the top of your list.

What is Tsukune?

Tsukune is a Japanese dish made of minced chicken (or other meat) mixed with various seasonings and shaped. . .

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