Gluten-Free Chocolate Recipes

Delicious gluten-free chocolate desserts for every occasion! With dairy-free and vegan options, these gluten-free chocolate recipes are sure to satisfy all your chocolate cravings.

Many of us crave something sweet for snacks, or when we just feel like indulging. And if you’re anything like us, chocolate desserts and chocolate treats are your favourite!

Pure chocolate is gluten-free so you can indulge without worrying about your tummy. However, chocolate with additional flavouring or thickeners may contain gluten. Read more: Is Chocolate Gluten-Free?

Below is a collection of our best gluten-free chocolate desserts. If you are looking for even more chocolate recipes, be sure to check out our AGFL Chocolate E-Book for 29 more tried and tested chocolate recipes.

More about Gluten-Free Chocolate

Every chocolate product on the market contains multiple ingredients, and that’s where gluten can sneak in. Learn how to check for gluten-free chocolate

For even more recipes, check out our Chocolate Recipe E-book, filled with basic classics like brownies and truffles, to more exotic creations.

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