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Babe Ruth might have been talking about baseball when he uttered those famous words but I’m sure the sentiment will ring true to many of you. I know I feel it every time I walk through the supermarket doors.

Popping out for groceries takes twice as long when you’re shopping for someone with a serious food allergy. Every label needs to be checked, even on products you buy regularly. I’m still surprised at the places gluten turns up. Only recently I had to stock up on multi-vitamins. I picked up our regular brand, the one recommended by our dietician, only to see that the ingredients had changed and now the daily multi came with a side of gluten. How that improves the effectiveness of the tablet I do not know.

At least now I know the products to avoid, but getting diagnosed in the first place requires strength and perseverance. You might recall April Peveteaux (Waiter, there’s a potential allergen in my soup) from last issue. April was the first person to draw my attention to a neurological condition known as gluten ataxia. It’s a condition that is still the cause of debate amongst neurologists. April never gave up as she fought for a diagnosis for her mother. You can read more about gluten ataxia in our story, It’s all in your head, in Issue 2.

When Rowie Dillon first started experimenting with dairy and gluten-free foods she was a woman on a mission. Rowie wasn’t happy with the boring and bland tasting gluten-free food available so she opened Rowie’s Cakes. 14 years later her treats are available from Woolworths and David Jones nationally and even Qantas flights. It seems Babe Ruth was right. Perseverance does yield results! Rowie is the Gluten-Free Warrior in Issue 2.

A massive thank you to all our readers for the enormous support and well wishes that have sent our way since the launch of Australian Gluten-Free Life. It’s truly been overwhelming. We hope you enjoy the recipes and stories in issue two and continue to remember you are never, ever alone.

Finally, we’ll be at both the Sydney (29-30 August) and Melbourne (11-12 October) Gluten-Free Exhibitions. We love talking to our readers, so drop by and say g’day!

In health and happiness,

Cara Boatswain