FODMAPPER Subscriber Digital Add-On

$2.99 incl. GST / month

NEW DIGITAL ADD-ON for existing print subscribers of FODMAPPER magazine only.

Our digital add-on is an e-version of our popular print magazine that has been created just for our print magazine subscribers. The e-version includes all the articles, recipes and expert tips from the print magazine accessible anywhere you need to read, view or search for them.

Readers can adjust text size, click on links within an article and search for specific topics if needed. No matter where you are – on the commute home, in the doctor’s office or at work – FODMAPPER has you covered. Stay up-to-date with expert advice when you need it most, without having to carry around a magazine.

Please note this is a monthly, auto-renewing subscription that is only available in conjunction will a print subscription to FODMAPPER magazine. If your print magazine subscription ends your digital add-on will also end.

The digital add-on gives you access to the current (Issue 13) and future issues as long as it remains active. You can cancel via your on-line account at any time.